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A smarter workforce makes a smarter business
We craft your workforce to make your company better through HR

We are in a specialised business of studying human behavior, improving company by enriching the workforce. Every business has two vital sides - edge. And our unique portfolio of products and services is backed by behavioural science insight, and a combination of technology, content and services — .

Our thought leadership leverages the science of human behaviour and the expertise of our consultants, technologists and practitioners to provide exceptional insights that help make companies better. Using proprietary research to study individuals and human behaviour in the workplace gives us the unique ability to create, predict and enhance individual and organisational performance. We initiate new thinking for the HR industry, offering strategies and innovative ideas that are supported by research, knowledge and experience. Our thought leadership is backed by one of the most talented teams in the industry and the unique combination of content, technology and services

Our team of psychologists and researchers are experts in many areas including:

  • Employee Surveys
  • High Performance Organisations
  • Employee Engagement, Motivation and Commitment
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leadership Issues
  • Employee Trust
  • Linkage Research — Employee Opinions and Organisational Performance
  • Employee Desires from Their Companies, Leaders and Managers
  • Generational Differences
  • Worker Well-Being
  • Cross-Cultural HR Management
  • Psychometrics

Employment Branding

Brands are meaningful, whether it's an external brand or an internal brand. The companies with the strongest brands have the power to connect with, and attract, loyal customers and candidates who fit their culture.

The key to creating a powerful internal or employment brand is discovering what makes your company unique. We use proprietary cultural assessments to dig into the soul of your organization and define your authentic brand. Then we translate the insights we've uncovered into creative communications that help attract talent who will thrive in your culture and retain top performers who shape it.

Our web design and development experts ensure that your unique culture is clearly and creatively expressed through your organisation's career site and external facing media. It's the perfect way to connect with candidates who are the right fit and provide them insight into your culture before they enter the application process.

Defining Internal Culture

Your internal culture is unique to your organization. And, uncovering the facts, truths and personality of your company helps wrap a definition around your internal culture that current and potential employees can relate to and understand. We call this the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

The EVP is developed through an extensive discovery process that goes beyond the mission, vision and values to uncover what really makes your culture tick. This process is called Cultural Analysis and involves extensive research, including examining existing company data, gathering qualitative research through interviews and focus groups, and using the unique ORIH Cultural Insight tool to understand cultural strengths and weaknesses. The bottom line is that employee's and candidates want, and expect, you to be honest when discussing your organization's internal values, cultural personality and employee expectations. Accurately defining and then openly communicating these expectations allows you to leverage your internal brand as an assessment and engagement tool for employees — improving recruitment and retention.

Recruitment Advertising

Just as you advertise your external brand to raise awareness with consumers, recruitment advertising helps you raise awareness with potential candidates. We can uncover the nooks and crannies where candidates might be hiding to ensure your recruitment media is hitting all of the right outlets.

Our solution, which sits on top of our highly recognized Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) and Recruitment Solution offering, can help you recruit candidates for specific positions by identifying skills, abilities, strengths and personal attributes of current top performers in your organization. We then flip those findings into recruitment campaigns that utilize unique messaging, creative design and packaging to reach candidates who meet your organization's needs and will help improve engagement and retention.

When combined with our Cultural Insight Survey, recruitment advertising empowers candidates to self-select themselves in or out of the hiring process based on culture — which means lower recruitment costs, quicker onboarding and discovery of new talent.

An effective recruitment advertising campaign can lower the number of candidates while increasing the quality — doing wonders for your recruitment and retention efforts. Our recruitment advertising solution is combined with our top-of-the-line global RPO and Recruitment Solutions, Assessments and Recruitment Technology. This means we have a breadth of expertise and resources to pull from that no one else in the market has — making us the most effective choice for recruitment advertising.

Recruitment Advertising Snapshot
How it works:
  • The first step is to interview and assess current top performers in your organization
  • Next we analyze the competitive market landscape and conduct a company culture assessment
  • From this we determine who to target, where to find them and what to say
  • Research is delivered to our creative team who develops a unique way to message and package the insights that reflect your organization's culture
  • Finally, the recruitment campaign is launched to market
Career Site Development

All recruitment roads lead to your career site — after all, it is your primary means of communication with potential candidates. Our Career Site Development solution helps you create an effective career site that portrays your company's internal brand, explains your organizational environment, and identifies what you expect from employees and what employees can expect from you. An effective career site gives potential candidates a window into your culture — allowing them to self-select in or out of the hiring process, and helping you ensure higher engagement and retention.

An effective career site not only provides candidates information about the organization, but it allows candidates to understand what makes your organization unique. This includes articulating possible career paths, day-to-day life, job family descriptions and, most importantly, the company culture. This cultural story is the basis of everything candidates need to know to make an educated decision before applying.

We are the only organization that can combine career site development efforts with world-class recruitment technology systems that provide your organization with several advantages:

  • Current and competitor career site web statistics analysis
  • Customized site architecture
  • Captivating creative and interactive design content
  • True reflection of your company's culture
  • Search engine optimization
  • Cultural sift development

Our process is unique to anyone else in the market — and provides you the comfort of knowing you are working with a company who has expertise and experience across the entire employee lifecycle.

Career Site Development Snapshot

To achieve maximum potential, your career site should encompass everything a candidate or prospective candidate would want to know about an organization.

Your career site should explain:
  • Your organization's culture
  • Expectations of top performers
  • Daily responsibilities
  • Growth and advancement resources
  • Career opportunities

Recruitment Solutions

When it comes to recruiting high quality candidates, we offer you the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions and RPO services you need to tailor recruitment for your company. Every part of our RPO offering is designed around you. What makes us unique in the market is that we offer a complete recruitment solution that is designed to meet your needs—from sourcing strategies, technology and tailored implementation to geography, culture and scope.

Our solution toolbox includes full Recruitment Process Outsourcing, ORIH ZOOMRecruit™ to recruit and source talent in a short timeframe, ORIH Better Center to recruit specifically for call centers, ORIH Candidate Care Center to schedule and prepare candidates for the interview and onboarding process and ORIH 2x BrassRing® to manage applicant volume and empower recruiters and managers to identify quality candidates.

We also offer ORIH Sourcing Science, as part of our recruitment selection process, to leverage technology and sourcing techniques to explore multiple sourcing channels that uncover active, passive and hidden talent pools. We help you connect with candidates through the research, branding and marketing expertise that only ORIH Employment Branding can offer. And through our Global Capabilities, footprint and reach, we offer you solutions designed around you on a worldwide scale, providing a single source for your global hiring needs.

We're experts in every piece of the recruitment journey. Where other companies focus on just one piece, we bring them all together to create the best picture for your company's success. The bottom line is we work to deliver a recruitment solution that's designed around you.

Recruitment Technology
ORIH 2x BrassRing™—The Most Robust Global Talent Acquisition Solution

For large or complex global organizations that need to hire top talent, ORIH 2x BrassRing™ empowers companies to reduce hiring costs, while delivering on business goals. Unlike other talent acquisition solutions, our offering enables the world's largest and most successful companies to engage candidates with recruiters and managers through award-winning mobile and social technologies.

We know you need to automate the full cycle of talent acquisition from sourcing to hire, so our solution standardizes the recruitment process to make it more efficient. This means you can more easily find the right talent for the right job at the right time, achieve compliance with government regulations and hiring practices, centralize talent data and leverage it across the talent management lifecycle, and respond to business growth objectives—moving beyond achieving hiring process efficiencies.

Mid-Market Talent Acquisition—Designed to Support Your Growing Business

In our global workforce, mid-size companies and businesses need to take advantage of emerging opportunities. We offer a solution that's perfect for mid-to-large sized companies that need to automate processes, gain efficiency and hire top talent. We enable you to automate the entire lifecycle of talent acquisition—all the way from sourcing to hire.


The reality is you need an assessment partner who can predict success, a partner who truly understands what makes people good at what they do, because finding the right person for the right job within your organization means higher performance, increased engagement, quicker time-to-productivity and lower turnover. Résumés and interviews alone can't do the job—you need a prediction tool that gives you the power to choose the right candidate with confidence.

We believe that a true candidate-to-organization match happens when a candidate, or employee, has the right combination of capacity, capability and culture fit to succeed within your organization. Capacity uncovers the innate talents, or reach and drive, a person is born with. Capability defines their acquired skills, education, background and experience, and culture fit discovers how well they fit within the walls of your organization. When these three components are measured independently and stacked up against the unique drivers of your organization, it leads to the most accurate prediction possible.

The expertise of our methods run deep, with over 1,500 ready-to-use assessments and a tailored approach, so we can help you implement the right assessments for your organization regardless of need. And, we can do it quickly and affordably. Whether you are looking for a quick, standard approach to skills testing or need to identify the components of a top performer in a job role that is critical to your company's performance, we can help.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of assessment solutions that are based on a combination of great science and a proven history of predicting performance through unique methods and observations. But, our expertise doesn't stop there; it runs the entire employee journey.


We know that compensation is about more than just a line-item on your balance sheet. It's about investing wisely in your company's most important asset—your people. That's why we give you the data, tools and solutions you need to ensure that every compensation dollar is spent wisely for your company.

We're at the leading edge of compensation technology and are focused on helping you build compensation strategies that support your business strategy and align with your organization's culture. Our compensation solutions include compensation software, compensation market data and executive pay data that enable your company to fully leverage your investment—ensuring you have the information you need and you spend your money where it counts.

  • Centralized Survey Library
  • Market Composite Building
  • Advanced Market Pricing
  • Salary Structure Design and Analysis
  • Merit Matrix Development
  • Standard and Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Global/Multi-Language Enabled
  • Extensive Benchmark Salary Data
  • Flexible, Configurable Software and Service Offerings
Compensation Management

Compensation should be a strategic lever used to drive high performance in your company. That's why we offer Compensation Management tools that support a pay-for-performance culture. Our Compensation Management solution empowers your organization to implement strategies that compensate employees fairly through a variety of compensation plans. We can help you identify current employee compensation trends, easily pinpoint fair employee compensation for all talent levels, plan for pay increases and align compensation directly to performance. Because when employees have a clear career path that aligns to recognition and compensation, they stay more focused, engaged and motivated—increasing organizational alignment and return on investment.

Our compensation recommendations take into account current and past performance, goal achievement, development, succession plans, place in range and other important inputs. Multi-dimensional merit matrices, with automated workflows and approval processes, ensure that your managers are empowered to make accurate and fair compensation recommendations without going over budget. And our reporting and analytics provide insight into exceptions and outliers, allowing your company to review performance data and ensure that recommendations are defensible.

Our TalentManager - Compensation tool helps provide recommendations to support pay-for-performance. Employee compensation can be automatically allocated based on existing rules, employee performance, goal achievement, development and other criteria. Compensation managers can allocate budgets to all managers within the system and access budget status reports to identify information about how the budget is being used by different managers in your organization.
Annual and Quarterly Plans
Using TalentManager - Compensation makes it easy to administer both annual and quarterly compensation plans. The system can be configured so that during specific timeframes, different employee compensation plans can be administered. Compensation plans work in conjunction with annual and quarterly performance appraisals to promote pay-for-performance.
Merit, Bonus, Stock, Lump-sum and Other Incentives
Our solution supports different employee compensation plans that include salary increase, bonus increase and stock or equity incentives. We help you easily configure complex calculations to enhance individual compensation management.
Market Salary Data
TalentManager - Compensation can be integrated seamlessly with any major salary survey information system to acquire the standards for a particular position or job family.

ORIH 2x Onboard®

Onboarding new employees should be an experience rather than a checklist of tasks and processes. It's about transforming new hires into dedicated employees and getting them excited and engaged, connected to the company culture and productive in the shortest time possible. Our ORIH 2x OnboardŽ technology, featuring forms management and supported by onboarding process design and onboarding process consulting, helps you drive efficiency in your organization by standardizing and automating the onboarding process. It also accelerates time-to-productivity—increasing the achievement of employee performance milestones and enhancing employee engagement and retention.

  • New Hire Portals
  • Smart Dashboards and Reports
  • Configurability, Scalability, Flexibility
  • Stakeholder Collaborations
  • Provisioning Workflows
  • Integrated Talent Management
  • Electronic Forms, Task and Compliance Management
Forms Management

Day one for each employee should be about getting started on the job—not about paperwork. With 2x Onboard, you can begin onboarding new employees before their first day. This provides a seamless transition from the candidate experience to the employee experience, enables employees to feel like a part of your company, and reinforces positive impressions of your organization.

To become more strategic, you need to free up time spent on paperwork and eliminate repetitive tasks. With Electronic Forms, Task and Compliance Management, you can eliminate paper and data entry errors and shrink cycle time. Get things right the first time—2x Onboard features robust design to ensure data accuracy.

You can also leverage key onboarding forms such as Federal and State Tax Withholding Forms, I-9 and E-Verify integration. Manage onboarding milestones and outcomes through our Smart Dashboards, while creating standard and ad hoc reports from our reporting capabilities. We know you need to save time, so we help you work smarter, not harder.

Process Design

Strategic onboarding is no fluke—it comes from deliberate design and practice. With our 2x Onboard technology and process design, you can involve key stakeholders in designing and delivering programs and processes to produce a shared vision for onboarding.

You're able to define roles and accountabilities, while fostering interpersonal relationships to achieve collaboration and alignment in your team. This way you can focus on individual and team productivity—striking the right balance between maximizing individual impact and minimizing team disruptions.

With ORIH 2x Onboard, you can align employee and company needs by providing a personalized onboarding roadmap with clarity and line of sight to performance milestones, progress measurement and integration of new employees into your company culture.

Process Consulting

Onboarding process consulting gives you a complete picture of your current onboarding processes and offers best practice recommendations to enhance your existing onboarding technology. Our Onboarding Consultants have the experience and know-how in HR recruitment, technology, program development and program management. This helps streamline your onboarding process, while improving overall compliance, employee productivity and employee engagement in your organization.

We'll work with you to identify specific onboarding challenges and issues based on the perspectives of your new employees and those involved in managing the onboarding process. The outcome of our process consulting is expert recommendations that will help you optimize your onboarding programs and technology solutions. Through our partnership, we'll work together to design processes that ensure your employees are engaged and highly productive beginning on day one.

Performance Management

TalentManager, a Comprehensive Performance Management Solution

Maximizing performance is all about aligning, developing, guiding, recognizing, rewarding and engaging your employees. With enterprise-class Performance Management, including Succession Management and Compensation Management, TalentManager can help you enhance effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging talent data and tools that will help you better manage and develop your current talent, while identifying and implementing plans to meet future needs. This means you're prepared to grow and compete in a competitive market.

Using Performance Management tools to track and manage competency assessments, performance appraisals, goal achievement, development plans and individual career goals will help your organization reduce administrative costs, ensure legal compliance and standardize performance management processes.

Competency Assessments and Performance Appraisals
Our Performance Management tools help you easily manage performance reviews and workflows. We help managers through the employee assessment process for existing workers by providing rating and writing assistants to ensure objectivity. This removes any confusion and eliminates biased ratings and comments.
Streamlined Development Planning
We offer Performance Management tools that make it easy for users to create development plans based on the strengths and opportunities that are identified using specific assessments, including performance assessments and evaluations. Resources such as sample action steps and activities can be assigned to each development item for improvement.
Save Time and Reduce Dependence on Forms
Our simple online Performance Management tools allow your organization to end extensive paper appraisals—speeding up the entire evaluation process and providing accurate information for performance assessment.
Succession Management

Developing your talent ensures you build the workforce you need both today and tomorrow. That's where TalentManager comes in. Our solution can help you in talent planning and talent mobility—giving you better visibility of and tools to assess your talent inventory, talent gaps and risks, and organizational needs. We give you exactly what you need to identify at-risk positions and new positions needed to meet market demands and growth needs.

TalentManager helps you develop competency and profile requirements for each job to identify the characteristics of qualified successors and provide development opportunities for current employees based upon identified gaps and career aspirations. Qualified candidates, successors or employees selected for positions in the succession planning process can see where they stand in comparison to the actual position requirements and begin creating development plans based on the identified gaps.

To make your succession planning process more effective, TalentManager identifies priority jobs and future openings to create a pool of successors. Creating succession plans is easy and straightforward—allowing you to access all nominations from managers and employees with a single click.

  • Unified Talent Record
  • Goal Planning & Alignment
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Development Plans
  • Competency Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Career Paths
  • Succession Management
  • Role Based User Experience
  • Flexible & Configurable Dashboards
  • Multi-Language Support

Leadership Solutions

Leadership has never been more crucial than it is now. Why? Because when employees report they follow effective leaders, the average employee engagement score is 91 percent compared to 17 percent for employees who report neutral or ineffective leaders. The impact of this on business performance is important—it's data like this that's making business across the world stand up and take notice. The bottom line is that great organizations are built by great leaders.

Our approach is a practical one—it focuses on improving business performance based on solid research, and the world's best measurement and development techniques. Our extensive research has shown that leadership drives employee engagement and performance excellence, and it's why our methodology is based on assessing and developing specific leadership capabilities that drive high performance.

What defines a great leader is different for every organization, but the underlying foundation remains the same. We work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements. Whether you're looking for solutions to identify emerging leaders and build respective career paths, develop the skills of mid-level managers to impact change and accelerate business performance, or help senior leaders work together effectively to drive clear, consistent strategies and messages—we can help.

In just one day, we can objectively measure an individual's ability to lead—a process that takes most organizations years. We accomplish this through a three step process of defining, measuring, and developing—leading to successful business outcomes.

Defining Leadership

Revealing the effectiveness of existing leaders and managers across your organization, and defining the challenges they face, quality of work they do and the impact they make on a cultural and fiscal level, allows you to benchmark leadership strength against regional and global organizations. This gives you clear insight and perspective on how to improve leadership capability and performance.

We believe that leaders are most successful when they have the capacity, capability and culture fit to succeed within your organization. Capacity uncovers the innate talents, reach and drive a person is born with. Capability defines acquired skills, education, background and experience. And Cultural Fit uncovers how well an individual will fit within the walls of your organization.

Measuring Leadership
When these three areas are measured independently and stacked up against the unique drivers of your organization and our global high performance benchmarks, we can predict which leaders are capable now, and which leaders need further development. This provides you with the best-in-class way of selecting the right leaders, validating their talent, building succession pipelines and developing incumbent leaders to reach higher levels of performance.
Developing Leadership
Creating leadership development plans that are aligned to your specific business strategies will improve overall leadership effectiveness across your organization. By using our leadership model, consisting of 12 High Performance Behaviors, we can develop the key behaviors that drive high performing leaders in your organization. We offer a blended approach through integrating both formal and informal elements of learning by using the 70-20-10 formula to help leaders grow and adapt their approach and behavior to an array of environments:
  • 70 percent real-life and on-the-job experiences, including manager toolkits, action learning, coaching culture
  • 20 percent feedback from observations and role models, featuring development centers, on-demand coaching
  • 10 percent formal training, including behavioral master classes, eLearning, manager effectiveness training
Our leadership solutions provide organizations with reliable and objective data on the strength of their leadership population. What could be more valuable?

Employee Engagement Surveys

We measure what matters at your company to improve your business.

When you think about it, anything you do within the walls of your company should be tailored to your business objectives and to your strategies for achieving them. Yet some survey companies don't think this way. We do. That's why when we work for you, we make it about your company. We design the survey to work the way you work, ask the kinds of questions you need to ask and then focus on the key items that you need in order to create a more engaged and productive workforce. Because when your workforce is engaged, your people work harder, stay longer, care more and find more gratification in helping your company succeed. It's as simple as that.

While other companies can conduct surveys, few can actually make your company better. But that's the promise we make—and we stand by it. Here's why:

  • We have more experience conducting engagement surveys than anyone—850 million employee responses in our three year rolling database.
  • We have a long history of adapting to new and better ways of gathering employee feedback and turning it into improved business performance. Some of our clients have a 15 year history of continuous improvement.
  • More companies hire and rehire us as a result of our unmatched service model—our 96 percent client retention rate tells the story.
  • We don't just conduct surveys. We consult in the design and the results of the survey. This bookend approach drives success like no other provider and gives you the advantage of everything we've learned.
  • We're good and we're global. With over 30 offices in over 20 countries, we can apply our survey methodologies anywhere, anytime to fit your needs.
  • Our technology and our reporting are top-notch. We value our customer feedback and continually work to enhance our technology to meet your organization's needs.
  • We call what we do the "High Performance Engagement Model (HPEM)." Our customers just call it success. Why? Because even as the global trend in engagement has gone down, our clients' engagement levels have gone up.

Now that you know what we do, here's how we do it. Our "Four Critical Areas"—as we call it—are a collection of perfected processes that ensure the right survey program is conducted flawlessly every time.

Program Design—The Basis of Measuring a High Performing Organization
We begin with your business success as our primary objective, and then build processes and programs that support those business outcomes. Fundamental to program design is our belief that your people make a difference to the success of your company. In order to create a program that reflects the distinct needs of your organization, we personally talk to your key stakeholders. This provides greater insight to identify the particular measurements required for your program—giving you the personal attention you deserve.
Administration—The Channel of Response
Understanding the complexities and uniqueness of your organization is our top priority. Our employee survey offerings are delivered through custom instruments designed to meet your company's structure, culture and business objectives. Every employee survey can be administrated globally in multiple languages and channels.
Reporting—More than Numbers
We provide a full array of analytical reports and training materials to support the behavioral change process. Our employee survey reports are easily understood by line managers and HR professionals, and provide insight into not only your current engagement levels, but historical trends and external benchmarks. This gives you a holistic view of your company's health. To support your managers throughout the reporting and action planning process, we offer training sessions and materials that ensure employee survey information is understood before it's used for action planning.
Behavior Change—The Ultimate ROI
Partnering together, we work to achieve results by relying on action planning techniques that enable your managers and leaders to facilitate goal alignment, develop and implement realistic action plans, increase accountability and set standards of comparison for development planning. Whether you focus on sales per square foot, turnover rates or profit, your results are linked to the specific business metrics and performance variables set for your company.

Social Solutions

A Combination of Social Technology and Strategy.

Understanding your target audience is key to attracting the right talent. From traditional media placement to harnessing the power of social media, sourcing the right talent requires multiple avenues that will build a pool of qualified candidates. ORIH Social Solutions offer unique ways for you to source candidates by going beyond just technology. We give you the power to attract talent that best fits your organization—moving your company from a find to an attract model.

With sourcing, candidate engagement and consulting, we can help you attract, connect with and recruit candidates like never before. ORIH Social Solutions include a new candidate relationship management tool that focuses on social recruiting and building passive candidate relationships, social career centers to empower candidates to interact with your career center as they search and apply for jobs, and consulting and management to provide the baseline for your social recruitment brand strategy.