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ORIIT - Overview

At OriSource, We understand the unique business challenges, goals and needs of Small and Medium Business(SMB).and the importance of cost-effective IT solutions to address them. That's why we offer "ORIIT" a complete package of IT services and solutions designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses coupled with highly competitive FIXED price.

ORIIT is an effective web based IT help-desk at your fingertips to manage all your corporate IT needs. Whether it is your Server, Network, Workplace, Backup, Disaster recovery, VoIP, Cloud Computing, IT Audit, IT Strategy - Our highly skilled team of professionals will help you to manage in a most practical and cost-effective way possible.

The ORIIT benefits
  • A web based portal to manage and track all your IT help-desk tickets
  • Superb responsive SLA based support with inbuilt auto escalation process
  • A Full Range of IT Services Designed Specific to Your Business
  • An IT strategy and plan that helps you achieve your Business Goals
  • Desktop and Laptop PC Management That Keeps Your Front Line Running
  • Supporting Smartphones, Tablets, Printers and Other Devices for Your Connected Company
  • Proactive, Affordable Server Management and Support
  • Making Your Computer Network Work for You
  • Get complete reports on IT Help Desk load, technician performance and SLA violation etc., using the Help desk Reports and do a trend analysis to find out how the service failure happened
  • Create a robust knowledge-base in your help-desk application for the users to find their solutions before raising a request using Service Desk Plus. This also helps the technicians to reduce the turn-around-time in finding the resolution for an issue.
  • By our User Survey Get to know the satisfaction level on the issue resolution and the technicians competent level by enabling user-survey. This helps to streamline your IT service and improve the customer service to a greater extent.
Whate we do
IT Strategy
OriSource can help you develop an overall strategy that will move your IT initiative into the future. We will help to streamline your operations and lower costs.
IT Audits
Our IT audit team can spend the quality time to get to know your IT infrastructure, understand how your employees are working with these resources, uncover problem areas of which you may be unaware, and propose solutions to ensure you are running smoothly and optimising your resources.
Workplace Management Services and Support
OriSource offers a workplace management service that keeps all of your company's PCs / Laptops /Printers etc. running smoothly and efficiently, while protecting you from viruses, malware and disaster.
Mobile and Peripheral Support
OriSource can help you leverage the power of mobile devices to benefit your business, and help you manage, integrate and support other devices such as printers, scanners and standalone printer-copiers so they're current, protected, and performing optimally.
Server Management Services and Support
We will carefully manage and monitor your servers, while using proactive measures to assure consistent and stable uptime.
Network Management Services and Support
We offer a range of services from network design and implementation to long-term network monitoring and support.
VoIP Consulting Services
We can assist you in replacing ageing and costly PBX equipment and streamlining your phone system by helping you make the move to VoIP.
Website Consulting Services
We can help you with website architecture and planning, improve website security, and can help you implement a variety of e-commerce solutions.
Cloud Computing Consulting
We have the experience to chart the preferred path for your business into the cloud.and help you reap the huge advantages while doing so.
IT Project Services
If you find yourself faced with a short term or long-term project in which you need IT support, OriSource can fill in the gap.

Each of these services is an important piece of your overall IT strategy. OriSource Consulting Service's support team knows how to correctly implement these items in that context. We know that a network with devices that work in harmony is a valuable and necessary component of a modern business.

IT Strategy Consulting

An IT Strategy and Plan That Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

Are You Missing the Mark With Your IT Resources?

Many leaders of small and mid-sized businesses have a good idea of what IT resources are available within their own company, and probably have a good relationship their IT department (or IT person). However, they typically lack a solid IT strategy to marshal those resources in a comprehensive fashion. And most only utilize a tiny fraction of the power that is available to them through their existing IT resources.

If you're one of these leaders, you may feel that your current IT strategy is more about putting out fires than about helping you move into the future. We can help.

Strategic IT Consulting Services for your Small Business

OriSource Consulting Group is here to address that gap and offer you the kind of balanced IT and business consulting that will help you move from strategy to action to ROI-quickly and efficiently. Our IT strategic consulting services will help you develop and obtain a clear overall technology vision and plan so that you will feel confident that both your network and your valuable data are in good hands.

We'll assist in overall IT planning and in individual IT projects, and help you develop the master IT plan that will take your company into the future. We'll also explore the most efficient and cost-effective methods of utilizing and maintaining your IT resources going forward.

IT Audits

Assessing System Performance, Identifying Emerging Issues, and Uncovering Problem Areas

What is an IT Audit?

An accounting audit is familiar to most companies. Your accounting company comes into your business and carefully reviews your numbers and documents to make sure they all add up.

OriSource Consulting Group offers an IT audit that does the same thing with your computers, servers, network, processes, and architecture. We determine if your current system is performing up to par, identify emerging issues, and uncover problem areas that are destined to become a roadblock.

In addition, we'll provide suggested courses of action to make your important IT resources run smoothly and efficiently. We'll help you determine if you're maximizing your IT ROI, and make recommendations for processes and technologies that will help you get there.

Evaluating One Technology Piece at a Time

OriSource's IT audit starts by our expert team members discussing your needs, goals and challenges, and going through your entire IT environment. This includes:

  • Checking for proper operation of all hardware (computers, printers, network devices and any other peripherals you are using)
  • Analyzing your network architecture
  • Determining if the proper protocols are implemented in the correct way
  • Checking that your computers and devices are communicating in an optimal fashion
  • And more

We then do a more in depth look at each individual device. We'll catalog your software and determine if it is up to date. We analyze is the safety of your all-important company data, and determine if sufficient safeguards are in place for your precious data.

We'll interview your staff to determine if they are efficiently utilizing their technology resources. And if you have an IT department, our IT audit report will identify what your IT department is doing well. We then outline the procedures that could be fine-tuned, more responsive and efficient. In other words, we help a good IT department become a great one.

IT ROI and the Big Picture

OriSource Services's IT audit will help you quantify your investment so that you will know if you are spending too much on IT.or not enough. We will also show you if you have made the right investments in IT that maximize your ROI. We will also show you if you have put your money in the right place.

OriSource's IT audit will also explore if you are using your in-house IT resources in the most efficient manner. This information will help you make quality decisions concerning all of your IT resources.

IT Issues and Answers

An IT audit will expose hidden issues that may have been hindering you. We will also share new solutions to your issues that may be outside of your experience.

Our IT audit process can take from a few hours to a few days depending on the size of your company and your staff's skill and knowledge level. The result of the IT audit will be peace of mind for you and a clear roadmap to maximizing your IT ROI. You will know how to do things right in order to successfully sail into the future.

Workplace Management Services and Support

Desktop and Laptop PC Management That Keeps Your Front Line Running

Your Partner for Expert Guidance, Support and Resolution

OriSource Services's PC management services address common issues that can crop up on PCs, laptops and workstations, including the following:

  • Virus and malware removal - Sometimes, even with the best efforts a virus can sneak in and wreak havoc.
  • Low speed computing - A common complaint from users is slow running of their PC including sluggish response to user input.
  • Upgrade decisions - Many business owners struggle with deciding if and when to upgrade to ensure maximum ROI.
  • Which hardware - It is often overwhelming to decide on which pieces of equipment are best for you.
  • Network speed - Like individual PC's, networks can also suffer from slowdowns and outages.
  • Disaster intervention - If the unthinkable happens and you lose a PC unexpectedly, you need a plan in place to recover that valuable data.
  • PC education - Sometimes users just need a little more training to understand and use their equipment at peak efficiency.
  • Issues like these are often troubling problem areas that you can't properly address on your own. Here our PC management services and support team can be your biggest ally.
Put our PC expertise to work for you

Our PC management services will optimise and maintain your organisation's desktop PCs without interrupting your employees' workday. We'll keep your desktop workstations tuned to peak performance, and provide services that you may not have today-such as checking that all PC anti-virus and anti-malware software is up-to-date and offering full protection against threats.

In addition, we'll provide expert support and rapid resolution when problems arise, while putting the right things in place to help prevent future PC problems that could stop you in your tracks. Some of the services we offer include:

Managed services for PCs
Our experts can be there quickly to identify and resolve any issues that confront you or your employees.
PC setup and support
Integrating new computers into your existing environment is made painless by OriSource's PC management team.
Software installation and support
Our experts can oversee new software installation to assure an optimal experience for you or your employees.
PC hardware selection and procurement
Our team can not only advise of the new hardware that is right for your company but also find you the best deal through our connections.
PC health checks and tune-ups
We will regularly check and tune your PCs and workstations to keep them in peak performance.
Application troubleshooting and first-tier support
We can provide first-tier support for common applications (Microsoft applications, QuickBooks, etc.), bridging the gaps between your software vendor's support team and your team.
PC Backup and recovery services
We will handle backing up your important data and have a proven plan in place to recover from any disaster.

Server Management and Support Services

Proactive, Affordable Server Management and Support

Your Server Needs Some Attention

A server is often the heart of a small to mid-size business computer network. As such, it fulfils a number of important duties. Beyond being a central storage space for your company documents, a server can control how those documents are accessed. A server can also oversee and protect your entire network, so it's critical your servers are performing optimally and running smoothly.

However, there are common issues that crop up on servers that you may not be able to handle with your current staff.

Perhaps you have a server that has run out of storage space and you need to upgrade. Or worse, improperly updated protection has allowed viruses to slip in and imperil your server. Maybe your server has been running slowly, impacting your employees' productivity. Or maybe you are just getting started and need help setting up and managing your servers.

We can help. OriSource Consulting Group is capable and ready to handle these issues for you through our server management services.

Our Server Management Services

OriSource Consulting Group has broad expertise in quality server management. Our team can assess your system and lay out a list of issues and solutions for this important company hardware.

We can correct all errors and problems-including those causing a system-stopping Blue Screen of Death. We'll help you manage who should-and should not-have access to files on your server.

We will also assess and address all security issues, protecting your server from internal and external threats. OriSource will then present a series of proactive procedures that will stop trouble before it starts. In addition, we'll guide you to ensure business continuity in the event of disaster, and avoid costly downtime.

If you do not yet have a network and server, OriSource's server management team can design a brand new implementation that is custom-made to fit your business.

Our flexible approach to server management gives you exactly what you need now and affords you room to grow into the future. Our method allows you to focus on results without bogging down in hardware purchase decisions.

OriSource Consulting Group has a suite of server management services that will benefit your company. These valuable services include:

Server architecture
We will design and build a server environment that fits your business needs now and in the future-one that meets best practices in design and security.
Server monitoring and support
We use remote connectivity to monitor the physical condition of all server components and provide immediate support when problems arise. Our experts fix any problems quickly.
Comprehensive server managed services
Our server management team can monitor and manage your servers critical processes remotely 24/7.
Server security consulting
In today's potentially hostile Internet environment, OriSource can show you how to make your server and network safe for you and your employees.
Server backup and disaster recovery
We can help you address this critical component of your server strategy in a multi-tiered fashion using technologies such as cloud storage.
Server technology procurement
OriSource can show you how to make timely, cost-effective upgrades to your server to keep it running at peak efficiency.
Application and database consulting
We can advise and help implement the common server functions of application and database sharing, and can also design your database solution.
How We Work With You

OriSource Services's server management services include a broad range of proactive procedures to assure trouble-free operation both now and into the future.

We'll assess and interact with your physical server environment a couple of times a year as needed to ensure optimal configuration, and set up a secure, remote connection for monitoring your network using advanced remote monitoring tools.

We set up and monitor anti-virus and malware software, and ensure that it stays up to date with the latest software versions and virus definitions. We then make sure that your Windows Server OS is up to date with all the latest fixes and patches installed.

We monitor your servers remotely, 24/7, and check that all your equipment is always ready to go. If a problem is detected, we either resolve it remotely or will be on site at your location to fix the issue. We also do periodic health checks of your server to ensure smooth operation and identify any signs of trouble.

With the exception of any onsite work such as replacement of physical components, we conduct our server management through our own secure remote connection. This enables us to monitor your server in a way that is comprehensive and unique. Our method is non-intrusive and does not interrupt your employee's important work.

Network Management Services and Support

Making Your Computer Network Work for You

Small Businesses Network Management Challenges

In this information-intensive age, businesses of all sizes depend on their computers and networks. The smooth operation of these assets is essential. However, small business owners face various computer network management challenges and concerns that they're typically not equipped to handle on their own. For example:

  • Are you opening a new office and need a brand new network designed and installed?
  • Is your network file server properly managed and protected?
  • Are you using the best practices in your file folder structure?
  • Do you need to share applications such as QuickBooks among different workers?
  • Are you hosting your own email and is there a better solution?
  • Would your business benefit from cutting costs on your Internet and/or voice bill?

As a specialist in network management, OriSource Consulting Group offers small businesses a comprehensive solution for managing your computer network, and for addressing network issues and concerns like these.

Personalised Network Management Services for Small Businesses

OriSource can help you with a comprehensive network management service that covers all potential issues, or can help you address elements of your network that require immediate attention.

We have experience in helping companies achieve trouble-free operation of their networks, and with in-depth knowledge of potential pitfalls, we can design a proactive plan that will prevent trouble before it takes your network down. Our array of network management services includes:

Network architecture and design
If you are opening a new office, we can design a total network solution for you from the ground up.
Network monitoring and support
OriSource can oversee your network 24/7 with remote connections with the ability to correct problems. When we detect an issue, we will contact you immediately to address the problem. We'll also report on your available bandwidth and errors or data collisions.
Network hardware management
We can manage your firewall, one or more routers, network switches, wireless access points, and other peripherals.
Comprehensive network managed services
You can turn over all network management responsibilities to us, including 24/7 monitoring and support, firewall changes, managing equipment, configuration changes, and more.
Network Installation and configuration services
This can include necessary installation of software or upgrades.
Network security consulting services
Your company data is often the core of your business and needs to be properly protected from both internal and external threats. We can help.
New network setup
We can design and install a new network for your new office or location and also upgrade existing networks.
Vendor selection and management
OriSource can assist you in recruiting the finest and most cost effective vendors for your computer products. Plus, with years of experience and a portfolio of suppliers, OriSource is able to negotiate the best deal for you.

Mobile and Peripheral Device Support

Supporting Smartphones, Tablets, Printers and Other Devices for Your Connected Company

Mobile Devices and Your Business

Many businesses today are acknowledging the use of both smartphones and tablet computers in their workplace. You may have realised the power of these devices yourself & through the use of your own smartphone, such as your Apple iPhone® or iPad ®.

You probably have figured out how to log the device onto your own wireless network and have allowed your employees to do the same, but you lack proper mobile support to fully utilise that connection.

For instance, there is important client data on your server that could be utilised in the field with a smartphone connection, and your sales force has told you how valuable that connection could be. However, when you want to interface with your company's resources both you and your employees are at a loss to know how to accomplish this.

Assisting You with Smartphones, Tablets and Peripherals

OriSource Consulting Group can evaluate existing devices to find the best way to make them work well in your company environment. We can also help you make the choices that are best for your company when shopping for new smartphones and tablet computers. When you are ready to buy, we can use our extensive network of suppliers to find you the best deal on your chosen devices.

When your devices are in-hand, OriSource's mobile support team can help you setup remote access to you company's data. This will give your employees an important tool to use in the field. For instance, your sales force can get up to the minute data to their prospects, helping them to sell more.

OriSource Services's support specialists can offer you a variety of services including:

Mobile device evaluation and selection
OriSource knows the way through the forest of offerings and can point you to the mobile device or peripheral that works best in your company environment.
Mobile device procurement assistance
OriSource's team has a solid relationship with suppliers that enables them to find you the best value for your money. We're able to realise discounts that contribute to value and ROI for you.
Vendor management
We can also manage the relationship with vendors assuring you the excellent service that you require.
Setup and installation
When your shiny new equipment arrives, we can setup and integrate this equipment into your environment.
OriSource will also run a series of real world tests to ensure the correct operation of your equipment.
Network Integration
We will also initiate network and email access for smartphones and tablets that will allow your employees to connect even when not in your office.
Mobile protection and security
We will ensure that only authorised users have access to your network resources.
Mobile Device Backup
We can back up your devices on your network to insure a complete restoration in event of a disaster.
Mobile virus and malware removal
A nasty bug can be a threat to your network and OriSource knows how to exterminate them.
Mobile troubleshooting
If issues arise we will find the source of trouble and correct it.

VoIP Consulting Services

Out With Your Old Telephone System

Yesterday's unwieldy PBX system can be eating tomorrow's profits in your company. Vendor-specific equipment was expensive to purchase and is costly to maintain. Such systems are generally obsolete after five years and will require even more pricey replacement equipment. The service from the PBX provider is likewise expensive and is often one of the most costly monthly expenses of small and mid-sized businesses.

In With the New VoIP System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunications solution that can be tremendously cost-effective and eliminates the need for cumbersome PBX phone systems. OriSource Consulting Group can show you the marked savings in implementing a new VoIP phone system, and through our VoIP consulting services, we can chart the path to these savings for you.

Our VoIP Consulting Services

OriSource will help you decide on the best VoIP service for your company, and show you that the implementation of VoIP is not as difficult as you may think. We can assist you in putting your VoIP solution in place, and fully manage and support your VoIP service.

This removes the potential complexities and headaches for you, and assures smooth and trouble-free telecommunications for your firm. Furthermore, we can protect you against Internet-based threats to VoIP operation, and stop any internal based threats to your communications security. Your words are gold and OriSource treats them that way.

The VoIP consulting services from OriSource Consulting Group can present you a clear pathway to all of the advantages inherent in a VoIP system. Our services include:

VoIP Comparison shopping
There is a growing array of VoIP solutions available today. From the familiar and simple implementations of Vonage to the comprehensive M5 Networks solution, there is a solution that is just right for your company. We have the experience to find a vendor that is the right fit for your company, and can compare 18 to 30 different Internet and voice providers to zero in on the solution that works for you.
VoIP Security audits
As security is a primary concern with all telecommunications systems, we'll make sure your words are safe and private. OriSource provides a full security audit of existing telecommunications systems as a part of their VoIP consulting services. As a part of this comprehensive audit, we also give you a full evaluation and assessment of both current and proposed telecommunications systems
VoIP Vendor relationship management
Once you have implemented your chosen solution, OriSource will handle all the basic interaction with your vendor(s)
Cost analysis
OriSource is expert in finding the solutions that meet your needs in the most cost-effective manner, and we can enumerate the many hidden cost savings and advantages of VoIP.
VoIP guidance
Familiar PBX features such as Follow Me and Auto Attendant help to maintain the big business image you wish to project. We can help you identify and leverage the capabilities that will generate significant advantages for your now and in the future.
VoIP for You

OriSource Services's VoIP consulting services are here to help you make the quality telecommunications decisions that will best benefit your company. Contact us today to set up a consultation and will show you the quality path to savings with a VoIP implementation.

Cloud Computing Consulting

Your Cloud Nine - Demystifying Cloud Computing For You and Your Company

Understanding Cloud Computing

There is much talk of the cloud today but many business leaders' understanding of this technology remains incomplete. The basic idea of the cloud is simple: your connection to the Internet physically runs from your office to a local central office. From there it is routed out into that loose collection of servers, computers and network resources that make up what we know as the World Wide Web. The aggregate of those resources plus other proprietary networks is poetically called the cloud.

The term as used today refers to a much more tightly focused segment of the cloud at large. Uses of this well-defined cloud are numerous and beneficial. And OriSource is here to help demystify cloud computing and open the doorway to this powerful resource for you and your company.

Cloud Jump Start Program

OriSource Consulting Group is a mid-Ohio leader in cloud computing consulting, and our cloud computing consulting services can show you how to leverage the power of this virtually unlimited resource.

Through our Cloud Jump Start Program, we provide consulting services that help your business get started in the cloud, quickly and cost-effectively. We look at how the cloud can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and protect your business in the following areas:

Cloud-based solutions
We'll help you understand which technologies and applications you are currently using are available in the cloud today, and determine if they would be a good fit for you.
Backup to the cloud
One of the most mission-critical functions offered in the cloud is off site data backup. Data stored in this fashion is probably safer than your local on site backups. There are multiple online backup services that exist today, and OriSource's cloud computing consulting team can show you an array of cloud data backup solutions and help you find the best fit for your business paradigm.
Redundancy and disaster recovery
If the unthinkable happens and you cannot access your server, our cloud computing consulting team will have in place a disaster recovery plan. This proactive implementation will allow you to fully restore your server from the cloud. You will even be able to restore the contents of the machine to a new server in event of total hardware loss.
Email in the cloud
You might have an existing network and are hosting both email and applications on your server. We can show you how freeing those resources by locating them in the cloud will benefit your business productivity. Such a solution also allows more uniform access for your employees working from remote locations.
Servers in the cloud
A hosted server can be much more than one machine-it can be a powerful collection of computers joined together in service to you. We can help determine a solution that works for you.
Customer relations in the cloud
Using the same powerful group of computers can put new power into your CRM solution
How our Cloud Consulting Services Work

OriSource Services's cloud computing consulting services begin with a simple phone call. We can do an initial consultation in this direct fashion where we'll discuss your needs and determine the next steps to get you started in the cloud. From basic definitions and enumeration of the benefits of the cloud, we'll help you address your specific cloud questions and concerns.

We will follow that up with determining your readiness for the cloud and will explain the benefits of this technology. We will show you why the cloud is the right fit for you.

We'll conduct a small assessment to understand your technology environment, and identify the gaps between where you are today versus where you want to go in the cloud. Then, we'll help chart your course into the cloud.

We'll then provide you with a customised cloud readiness report that outlines your short term plan of action, and based on your needs, a phased approach to migrating to the cloud.

From the first steps to the final implementation, we will clearly show you the preferred path for your business. That may be as simple as an immediate plan of action or as comprehensive as a phased migration into the cloud.

You will clearly have all the facts to make enlightened decisions. And from there you can take action on your own, or allow us to assist you in migrating to the cloud.

Affordable Convenience

OriSource Services's cloud computing consulting experts can show you how to minimise costs and financial impact of moving into the cloud. The cloud is an investment that is worth every penny.

Now Is the Time

With OriSource Consulting Group, you can quickly move beyond mere knowledge of cloud computing into using its power to expand your business. The cloud will no longer be a mystery but a trusted friend and business partner. Contact us today to get started.

CIO / IT Director Outsourcing

A "CIO to Go" For Your Company - Starting at only $299 per month

The Value of IT Leadership

Many small businesses are not equipped for developing a comprehensive IT strategy. Lacking the definitive leadership of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in this important area, they tend to rely on bits of advice picked up from various vendors and articles. While their in-house resource or resources provide a good dose of common sense, they often lack decisive knowledge that can fully optimise their IT resources and budget.

Losing IT

Also, with fierce competition for talented IT resources, it's common for a small business to lose an IT leader to another company. And when so much knowledge about a company's IT environment and processes walks out the door, they're left in a very vulnerable position.

Access Senior Level IT Expertise.Without the FTE-Related Costs

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you will benefit from CIO outsourcing from OriSource Consulting Group. OriSource gives you the power of having your own IT Director on staff without the burden of salary and benefits. You'll have access to a highly-experienced individual who will perform an in-depth analysis of your use of IT resources and tailor an IT growth and management plan that is precisely suited for your firm.

With our CIO outsourcing solution, you gain a highly experienced senior-level IT leader who will help you leverage business technology to achieve your business goals in the near term and the long term. If you have lost an IT Director or CIO, this can also be an immediate, interim solution while you search for the right person. Or if you wish, the solution can fulfil your need for senior IT leadership for years to come. We'll design a solution that's right for you.

Your Personal CIO, Focused on Your Success

With OriSource Services's CIO outsourcing services, you have access to an individual whose main concern is to keep your business on the profitable path to success through technology. Your personal CIO / IT Director will deliver value in a number of ways, including:

  • Acting as a trusted technology advisor on all of your business technology issues
  • Helping you develop technology plans that enhance your larger business strategy
  • Directing your business technology decisions
  • Helping you leverage tools that have been proven many times in the field
  • Ensuring that the most advantageous technology investments are made to yield the highest ROI
  • Monitoring the performance of all IT managed services to ensure the best results for you
  • Providing guidance on information accessibility and security
  • Designing the best technological routes that will contribute to your continued advancement
  • Providing advice on technical documentation that allows your company to comply with any industry regulations
  • Providing guidance on devices such as smartphones and tablet computers
  • Helping you leverage new technologies such as cloud computing, mobile technologies, virtualisation, collaboration, VoIP, and business intelligence
CIO Involvement in Your Business

CIO outsourcing by OriSource Consulting Group can put a responsible IT Director at your side for strategic executive or board meetings. This person will be proficient in an array of IT technologies and can interact with your other executives responsibly. Your CIO will be knowledgeable in many areas, including:

  • Leadership of people
  • Budget management
  • Alignment of your business
  • Keeping your IT infrastructure operating smoothly
  • Security of your network
  • Compliance of your entire company to existing regulations
  • Intelligent management of your IT resources
  • Customer management
  • Change management to keep you on the cutting edge
The Quality, Affordable Decision-Starting at Just $299 Per Month

A good CIO or IT Director is now viewed by many organisations as a key person in developing strategic goals for a company, and CIO outsourcing from OriSource Consulting Group puts that power in your grasp. We're here to make your IT resources operate at peak efficiency, starting at a mere $299 per month. We'll work with you to design the package that is right for you.

OriSource Services's CIO to Go can be the answer to what you have been seeking.Contact us today.