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Give your business the advantage of a Domain customised email solution. With ORIMAIL, you can give your business a unique identity ( With 2 GB of storage per user, your employees will never have to worry about their email quota. Also, keep your emails threat free with our in-built security and anti-spam features.


If your business uses email, extensively for receiving orders, sending quotes, communicating with business partners and vendors then ORIMAIL is the ideal solution for you. Choose to have an authentic domain that is customised for your business along with customised mailing addresses and get the advantage of better email interaction with end consumers.

The ORIMAIL benefits

  • Boost employee productivity with 2 GB of storage (per user). Your employees can now focus on their work rather than worry about their email quota
  • Secure your business data on reliable and redundant data centers that adhere to global security norms
  • Get all these advantages with a solution that is cost-effective

What you need

All you need to have is an Internet connection and a computer. This may not necessarily be a server. The system doesn't require any software installation either.